The Real McCoy Rum

The Real McCoy® Rum. Prohibition tradition®. Aged 5 years in American oak bourbon barrels. 80 Proof. 750 ml (75 cl). "Best Aged Rum in America". Soft & balanced with hints of vanilla, toasted caramel, honey & bourbon aged wood with a warm finish. In 1920, when Prohibition began, Captain Bill McCoy made a name for himself as America's first "Rum Runner." He delivered only the best quality unadulterated spirits which became known worldwide as "The Real McCoy." Following McCoy's Prohibition Tradition, we present a rare, dry style, single-barrel aged, small batch rum. This is the genuine article... It's the Real McCoy. Sip responsibly. The Real McCoy® and Prohibition Tradition® are Trademarks of Real McCoy Spirits, Corp. Allrights reserved. Visit: