Sweet Chaos Popcorn, Movie Theater Butter 7 oz

Delightfully disruptive.Taste starts here. Butter made. Butter taste. Movie Theater Butter Popcorn: Every now and then, from amid the Madness a rush of aaaaahhhhh breaks through. Sweet Chaos is like a well-deserved sigh of pure relief - a delightful break in your day or, as we like to say, delightfully Disruptive. While our flavor may not always be sweet like candy), our delivery is always Sweet (as in awesome). We hand Pop our non-GMO kernels in coconut oil for a creamy richness. Then we add real butter while skipping the nasty, artificial stuff. We can't do much about the busy in your life, but we can bring a little sweet to the chaos. Handmade non-GMO popcorn popped in coconut oil. KLN family brands. After fifty years. KLN remains committed to our community roots and hometown values to bring you the best.