Made with real fruit. Helps control hunger. Meal on-the-go, 180 calories. Good source of protein; 25% of daily calcium; 21 vitamins and minerals. Naturally & artificially flavored. Achieve your weight-loss goals on the Slim-Fast Plan with Slim-Fast Optima Meal Bars. Great balanced nutrition (per serving): protein: 8 g; antioxidants - 35% of the daily value for vitamins C & E; calcium - 25% of the daily value. A convenient meal with great taste to help nourish your body and cut your calories to help you lose weight successfully. Research shows that diets high in protein and dietary fiber are satiating. Slim-Fast Optima meal bars provide a good source of protein (8g). When consumed as part of a diet rich in protein and fiber like the Optima diet, Optima meal bars contribute to hunger control.