Pace® Mild Red Enchilada Sauce 10.500 oz

Add excitement to your family dinners with Pace® Mild Red Enchilada Sauce. Also known as salsa roja, this Mexican red sauce features tomatoes, savory onions, and a three-chile blend for a satisfyingly smooth texture and bold Southwest flavor in every bite. With a mild heat level, it’s a flavorful yet approachable Mexican sauce that’s a versatile ingredient in Mexican food and beyond. Use it to make beef or chicken enchiladas, taquitos or homemade chicken enchilada soup. You can also try this mild enchilada sauce as a wing sauce, pasta sauce and more. Pace® Mild Red Enchilada Sauce is carefully crafted with no added sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, and no artificial colors. It’s also vegetarian and fat free with 20 calories per serving. Each 10.5 oz recyclable can contains 5 servings of sauce. Turn Taco Tuesday into a fiesta with Pace® Enchilada Sauce.