Oikos Yogurt, Nonfat, Greek, Blended, Strawberry 4 Ea

Oikos Blended Strawberry Greek Nonfat Yogurt - Yogurt so delicious you’ll actually want it. Madness. With creamy fresh fat free milk, real strawberry chunks, and a taste that’s not too sour and not too sweet, you’re in for a delicious, totally epic experience. Whether it’s breakfast time, snack time, or just-gotta-have-it time, this blueberry yogurt has the never-boring flavor to keep you coming back for more. And because we believe that the best milk makes the best yogurt, we source our milk from only family-owned farms so it’s Fresh with a capital “F.” Every sublime serving has 100 calories, 13g protein, 12g sugar, and 0% fat. We think you’ll dig it, so dig in. And just a heads up: You may need a fork for this.