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Farmland Braunschweiger Spread is a rich, full-flavored deli option that delivers the classic braunschweiger taste your family loves. Made with bacon, this deli braunschweiger is perfect for enjoying on crackers or sliced onto a sandwich for a convenient, hearty meal or snack. This deli lunch meat staple is made without artificial flavors or colors and with no added MSG, plus 8 grams of protein per serving. Enjoy it on a whole wheat cracker either by itself or garnished with diced white onions for elegant party appetizers. It also makes an excellent braunschweiger sandwich when paired with marble rye bread and zesty mustard. Farmland Braunschweiger is packed with flavor that stands out in any preparation and is served in a convenient package, ready to be sliced to your preference and served. Farmland has been bringing great-tasting food to families tables since 1959.