Burgers Smokehouse Bacon, Peppered Country 16 Oz

Simple traditions since 1952. Naturally smoked. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Where Did Peppered Bacon Come from? The home displayed on the front of the package belonged to the founder of Burgers' Smokehouse E.M. Burger and his wife Natalia, where they lived in the 1930's, as newlyweds. They were farmers and most of the food was home grown or raised. Meat was cured in the smokehouse behind their home. It was here where the family perfected the curing methods used to preserve pork, which were originally brought from Germany by their parents. Little did they know, their routine way of life before electricity would be the seed that would later grow into a substantial family business. Our Peppered County Bacon was born out of this simple heritage. At Burgers' Smokehouse, we apply salt, brown sugar, and pepper, then the cure slowly absorbs into the bacon. We hand apply an extra coat of pure pepper before heading to the smokehouse where real burning hickory creates a golden brown color. Burgers' Smokehouse is located on a farm only six miles from the home place, but rest assured that we haven't forgotten the time-tested methods that create the authentic farm flavor you've come to expect. Thank you for purchasing Burgers' Peppered Country Bacon. To enable us to serve you better, please include the product code from the package if you contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments. Visit our website at smokehouse.com. Family owned & crafted in the USA.