Kidz Dream Smoothie, Berry Blast

Soy and juice beverage. 4 - Way turbo straw. Naturally flavored. Lactose and dairy free. 20 x's More calcium and 45% less sugar than regular juice. Bursting fruit flavor drink blended into a healthy smoothie makes Kidz dream a mom's dream come true! A refreshing combination of 1005 all - natural creamy soymilk and fruit juice, Kidz Dream smoothies are the perfect beverage alternative. With 20 times more calcium and 45% less sugar than regular juice, kids will enjoy this lactose free and dairy free smoothie through our fun 4 - way turbo straw! At home, in school or on the go Kidz Dream smoothies are always convenient, nutritious and outrageously delicious. 4 grams protein per serving. excellent source of vitamin D and calcium. Cholesterol free. Lactose and dairy free. 100% Vegetarian. Per serving Berry blast sugar 13 g and calcium 335 mg. Regular berry juice per serving sugar 24 g and calcium 16 mg.