Jolly Rancher Hard Candy, Tropical 6.5 oz

A mix of four tropical fruity favorites for the whole family in just one bag of hard candy? You wouldn't have thought it possible if you didn't know JOLLY RANCHER candy. Each delicious piece of individually wrapped fruit-flavored hard candy in this bag will stay fresh until it's time for a new bag. Featuring fruit punch, golden pineapple, lime and mango flavors, this JOLLY RANCHER hard candy assortment will take your taste buds on a trip straight to the tropics. Keep a bag with you on the go so that you can share with friends, co-workers and family members throughout the day—but don't forget to save some for yourself during all that sharing! These fruit candies make the perfect candy bowl display all year thanks to vibrant colors in JOLLY RANCHER wrappers. They're also great treats for holiday stockings, birthday piñatas, Easter baskets, Valentine's Day party favors and Halloween trick-or-treat bags. If you want a small candy with a big taste to keep your taste buds busy during movie nights, lunch breaks and snack breaks, JOLLY RANCHER tropical hard candy is the treat for you.