For nearly a quarter of a century, Celestial Seasonings has been dedicated to creating the most delicious and natural herbal teas that nurture your body and uplift your soul. Our products are specially made from carefully selected herbs and effective ingredients that provide you soothing comfort. So you can trust that a throat drop from Celestial Seasonings, the maker of America's number one herbal teas, will be the perfect comfort for your sore throat. Celestial Seasonings Soothers Herbal Throat Drop contain two naturally effective, active ingredients - one that coats and soothes sore scratchy throats and one that relieves sore throat pain. Since our drops are uniquely flavorful blends of all natural herbal ingredients, you taste a simple sweetness and you feel soothing goodness. And, in the tradition of Celestial Seasonings herbal, they contain no artificial flavors or preservatives. Only Celestial Seasonings, the herb expert, can bring you this perfect balance of taste and natural effectiveness. About the herbs: Celestial Seasonings Soothers Harvest Cherry is a mouth-watering blend of caffeine-free herbal ingredients and natural fruit juice. The soothing properties of natural ingredients such as sage, angelica root, ginger, thyme and lemon grass have been relied on for centuries. When these herbal ingredients, Celestial Seasonings Soothers becomes flavorful, comforting relief.