Life Savers Mints, Orange 6.25 Oz

Having fresh breath is a 'Hole Lot of Fun thanks to LIFE SAVERS. LIFE SAVERS Orange breath mints are all you need to freshen breath and refresh the day. These low-calorie mints explode with orange flavor as they dissolve into a sweet escape followed by a fresh recharge that you'll be able to enjoy for hours. This orange bag is filled with enough individually wrapped LIFE SAVERS hard candy to drop in your purse and share. You'll never know when you or a friend will need a burst of exciting citrus flavor! Enjoy LIFE SAVERS after your morning coffee, during an after-lunch slump, or as a simple invigorating pleasure. There are endless ways to enjoy the classic and long-lasting taste of LIFE SAVERS Orange Breath Mints. Add to your cart today, for a zesty and bright tomorrow!