Kit Kat Crisp Wafers, Strawberry + Dark Chocolate 1.5 Oz

KIT KAT® DUOS candy bars are the classic wafer bars you've always loved with a delicious mashup of two iconic flavors: dark chocolate and strawberry flavored creme. This full size decadent chocolate candy bar is kosher certified and perfect for gifting, sharing and keeping around the house and office to make sure you always have a sweet treat on hand. Get ready to savor the delectable taste and satisfying texture of strawberry flavored creme on top and dark chocolate on the bottom, all surrounding classic crispy wafers. Include a dark chocolate wafer bar in lunch boxes, snack drawers and more. Preparing for your next movie night? Add some crisp wafers coated in rich dark chocolate and strawberry flavored creme for an extra special touch that satisfies the whole crowd. Stuff festive Christmas stockings, springtime Easter baskets, Halloween trick-or-treat buckets and sweet Valentine's Day party favors with a unique spin on a well-loved candy bar. You can snack on these chocolate bars straight from the wrapper, chill them in the fridge for a cold treat or top your best baked goods to show off your culinary genius. Include them in your ice cream sundae topping selection, too. No matter what you decide, it's bound to be a delicious success!