Teddy Grahams Mini Snak-Saks Honey Graham Snacks 8 oz

Teddy Grahams Honey Graham Snacks are lovable, bear-shaped crunchy snacks that are deliciously baked to perfection. Bring fun and discovery to snack time with these bite-sized graham crackers that are made with real honey for a delicious taste. With no artificial colors or flavors, no high fructose corn syrup and 8 grams of whole grain per serving, as well as a good source of calcium, these honey grahams are a wholesome snack for the entire family. Pair these honey graham crackers with your favorite dips or pack them as lunchbox snacks for kids and adults. These honey crackers also taste delicious in a variety of dessert recipes and are easy to enjoy as snacks on the go. The reclosable bag makes these snacks easy to take along and keeps them fresh. Make your family smile by adding a Snak Sak of honey Teddy Grahams to your shelf of sweet snacks.