Uncle Rays Ripple

Family made - quality foods. Not for sale in CA. The life and times of Uncle Ray. Chapter 8. Anitcs of a Young Boy: One day, during a family reunion in Tennessee, my big brother Bob and our two cousins went skinny-dipping in the creek a quarter of a mile upstream from my grandparents farm. As I was just a pup of 11, the older boys told me to get lost, but I followed them anyway, and when they entered the creek I grabbed all their clothes and took off running. Out of the water Bob and my cousins sprang, and I ran like a bandit for the safety of the house. Dripping wet, hollering and throwing rocks, they chased me straight through the middle of the reunion. The hot pursuit made its way past some of the ladies of the family and seeing the three-original streakers, they started hollering even louder than the boys. What do you think you're doing? One lady cried. After much negotiating (from a safe distance), the boys promised not to kill me and I let them have their clothes. Looking back, I'm sorry that may actions resulted in embarrassing my cousins and brother. Discretion: Acting in ways that recognize and respect the sensibilities of people around us. Choosing words carefully. Practicing good manners. From my family to yours, thank you for choosing Uncle Ray's. - Uncle Ray.