Rays Reg Potato Chip

Family made - quality foods. The life and times of uncle ray. Chapter 17 warm heart, cold treat. On hot summer days in Detroit, my brother bob liked to eat ice cream. He would go to an ice cream shop in a poor neighborhood on his break (he was a Detroit Edison electrician) and buy every child he saw an ice cream cone. One little guy ate his ice cream very fast, went to the end of the line with a ring of ice cream around his mouth and asked for another. Of course, bob bought him a second one. Bob was an inspirational man. He loved his wife Helen and his children - Debbie, Kenneth, Cindy, Carrie and Tim with all of his heart. His love extended to everyone he met, especially children. My hero bob left this world in 1996. I love and miss him. The way he went through life should be an example for us all. We should all think of others and how much we can help them; even if it's just holding a door open for someone. If the whole world adopted a kinder attitude toward one another, how much happier we'd all be. A smile is contagious, so start with that. Generosity: Giving freely to those in need. Expecting nothing in return. Praising the good we see in others. From my family to yours, thank you for choosing uncle ray's. - Uncle Ray.