Rays Hot Potato Chip

Family made. Quality foods. The life and times of Uncle Ray. Chapter 34: Moby Dick's Baby: On a warm summer day in 1954, I went fishing with Bill Hurst, my sister's husband. Bill was more like a brother to me. We fished for about three hours without a bite, but then Bill got a bite that just about pulled him out of the boat. In what seemed like an hour he finally pulled out what looked like Moby Dick's baby (in reality, it was a huge pike - a whopper). Just one bite and one fish, but it really made our day. Bill had a new Ford Fairlane. It still smelled like new. He had put down a lot of newspaper in the trunk so as to not spoil his carpet with the recently caught fish, With the rods and reels in the backseat and the fish in the trunk, we drove home. About a week and a half later Bill told me that he smelled something very bad in his new car. Sure enough, he thought I had taken the fish home and I thought he had taken it in. Instead of being cooked r Bill's oven, Moby Dick's baby got cooked in the trunk of his car. Diligence: Concentrating on the task at hand. Fishing the job. Doing the job right. From my family to yours, thank you for choosing Uncle Ray's. - Uncle Ray.