Keebler Snack Mix, Elfin, Chocolate Lovers,

Add some adventure to your snack routine with the Keebler Chocolate Lovers Elfin Mix. This delicious snack mix contains fudge-dipped Chocolate Elf Grahams, miniature salted pretzels, fudge-drizzled caramel corn, and candy-coated chocolate pieces. You never know when a challenging day will call for an indulgent treat, so carry a bag in your tote for on-the-go snack attacks while commuting, bring a few bags in the car for a road trip, or just munch on them from the comfort of your home while watching TV. Add some Elfin Mix to your kid's lunchbox for a sweet surprise, stash a bag at work to share with coworkers, or keep them all to yourself—we won't judge! If your favorite snacker is far away, consider adding a bag or two of Elfin Mix to care packages or gift boxes. This snack mix will be right at home as part of a party spread for game night, birthdays, and other gatherings throughout the year. Take a moment to enjoy the rainbow of textures and flavors in Keebler's Elfin Mixes—they're uncommonly made, and uncommonly good. An indulgent, chocolatey snack mix to satisfy sweet and salty cravings, any time of day Rich, sweet, salty, and crunchy; A mix of bite-size, fudge-dipped Elf Grahams, mini salted pretzels, fudge-drizzled caramel corn, and candy-coated pieces Great for solo munching or sharing with friends; No special occasion needed to enjoy this delicious snack mix; Enjoy with an ice-cold glass of milk Mixed to perfection by the lovable Keebler Elves; Made with pantry-perfect staples like enriched flour; Kosher Dairy; Contains wheat, milk, and soy ingredients Conveniently packaged in a 6.5-ounce bag; Sealed for freshness and great taste