USDA organic. No trans fats. Our super chocolaty Eviro Kidz Chocolate Animal cookies are a great treat with a cold glass of milk, fruit juice or just by themselves. They're perfect for after school or after a meal. A delicious bite size cookies that's fun to eat. and, if you look carefully you might even see a baby cheetah, gorilla, panda or koala staring back at you. Our Enviro Kidz organic products were shaped with kids in mind. That's why we've produced a wide range of original cereals, convenient cereal bars, waffles and cookies. Organic foods are a great alternative for kids because they are free from preservatives and artificial flavors and colors. And, eating organic foods can make a big difference to the environment too, because organic farmers don't use synthetic pesticides, herbicide, or fertilizers. Good for kids, good for animals, good for the earth! Together let's make a difference. Product of U.S.A.