Pedigree Food for Adult Dog with Lamb & Rice

Healthy happy dog for life. Essential nutrition for healthiest skin & shiniest coat. Made with real lamb meat. Pedigree with lamb & rice recipe includes real lamb meat and harvest select rice, a delicious alternative to traditional beef & chicken varieties. Our high quality recipe is very easy to digest and is a great choice to help promote the healthiest skin and shiniest coat. Overall Health: Contains the advanced antioxidant recipe blend (including Vitamins C & E) to help protect every cell in your dog's body. Strong Teeth & Bones: The right balance of calcium and phosphorus for strong teeth and bones. Healthy Skin & Coat: Omega Fatty Acids and all the essential nutrition required for the healthiest skin and shiniest coat. Strong Muscles: High quality proteins which provide amino acids for strong, healthy muscles. Healthy Digestion: Highly digestible ingredients so nutrients are easily absorbed. With Tasty Healthy Nuggets: Kibbles & the Advanced Antioxidant Recipe blend so your dog lives a long, healthy life. Pedigree: Dry dog food provides complete nutrition for your dog throughout its life: Puppy. Complete Nutrition for adult dogs. Healthy Maturity for senior dogs. With Lamb and Rice: For adult dogs. Performance: For adult Dogs. Small Breed: For adult dogs less than 25 lbs. Large Breed: For adult dogs over 55 lbs. Weight Loss: For overweight adult dogs. Weight Maintenance: For overweight or less active adult dogs. Recommended Daily Feeding Guide for Adult Dogs: Weight of Adult Dog: Up to 10 lbs - 1/3 to 1 cup (8 oz) per day +(Puppies can be fed up to 1 1/2 times the highest amount listed in their category.) 10 to 25 lbs - 1 to 2 cups; 25 to 50 lbs - 2 to 3 1/2 cups; 50 to 75 lbs - 3 1/2 to 4 3/4 cups; 75 to 150 lbs - 4 3/4 to 8 cups. An individual dog's requirements may differ from this guide. Mixing with Canned: Replace 1 1/4 cups for each can of Pedigree Complete Nutrition Food for Adult Dogs Traditional Ground Dinner Chopped or Chunky variety. 1 cup = 8 ox measuring cup, 1 can = 13.2 oz. Mixing with Pouches: Replace 1/3 cup for each pouch of Pedigree Little Champions Complete Nutrition Food for Adult Dogs 1 pouch - 5.3 oz. No artificial flavors and no fillers. For all Breed Sizes: Pedigree with Lamb & Rice Food for Adult Dogs is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for growth and maintenance. We guarantee your adult dog will enjoy Pedigree Brand Food for Dogs. Developed with Vets- Recommended by Top Breeders.