Justin's Almond Butter, Classic 10 ea

Naturally delicious. 10 squeeze packs. About Justin's: This product was made with common sense. A higher quality. That selectively choosing fine, natural delicious ingredients will make it taste better. And that no matter their size, companies should always be grateful to their customer, their community and the environment. People ask why I named Justin's Nut Butter after myself. It's because I'm proud of every flavor we craft. Because I've dedicated years to perfecting my one-of-a-kind grinding process. And because, after all the hard work it takes to make these naturally delicious recipes, I have very little energy to come up with clever names. Just ask my son, Justin, or my daughter, Justin. -Justin. Try six other delicious flavors. Classic peanut. Honey peanut. Maple almond. Honey almond. Vanilla almond. Chocolate hazelnut. 7 g protein. Vegan. Certified gluten-free. justins.com. This carton was made with wind energy and uses zero voc inks. This carton made from 100% recycled paper with a minimum of 35% post-consumer waste.