Louisiana Fish Fry Products Seasoned Fish Fry Seafood Breading Mix 22 oz

Produced with genetic engineering. Est. 1982. Bring the taste of Louisiana home. Our seasoned, crispy fish fry, seafood breading mix is filled with true, authentic southern goodness. Our robust blend of yellow corn meal and zesty spices create a delicious flavor like no other in the world. We’re Louisiana born and bred; in fact, we’re so proud of where we’re from, it’s in our very name. We’re proud of our products too as they reflect the rich cultural heritage of a region known for great food and good times. With our easy to use and flavorful seasonings, sauces, breading mixes, and entrees, it’s never been easier to Bring the Taste of Louisiana Home. Sealed pouch inside. www.LouisianaFishFry.com. Visit us at LouisianaFishFry.com for product info recipes, and more! Try Our Other Delicious Products: fry mixes; sauces; rice mixes. Made in the USA from domestic and imported ingredients. Proudly manufactured in Louisiana.