Taco Bell Seasoning Mix, Original Fajita 1.4 oz

Live más at home with our Taco Bell Original Fajita Seasoning Mix. Taco Bell makes mealtime more craveable with Mexican-style flavors elevate chicken breasts or boneless beef sirloin steak. Ideal for the whole family, our seasoning mix is great for adding a kick of Tex-Mex flavor to chicken or steak for fajitas and other dishes. After browning your meat, add our packet of seasoning mix and water, and let it simmer. Serve with soft tortillas, green pepper strips, sliced onions and salsa for a classic chicken fajita or beef fajita dinner. Each 1.4-ounce packet makes about 5 servings. Live more fervently, more authentically, more joyfully with Taco Bell.