Sylvia's Restaurant Restaurant Recipe Mix, Crispy Fried Chicken 10 oz

Queen of soul food. Restaurant. Crispy fried chicken. It'll make the Colonel (the colonel is trademark of KFO com) cry. Fried chicken is one of those welcome foods that can be eaten just about anywhere - from picnics to banquets to even on the train! Kenneth, my youngest son, likes to reminisce about how he couldn't wait to bite into a shoe box sandwich - one of my crispy fried chicken sandwiches that he took on train trips from South Carolina to New York. As we would be waving good-bye, he'd already have his hand in the box. This mix helps recapture that can't-wait-to-chow-down spirit. Fry up your favorite chicken parts with it. It's good and light! For some heat, splash Sylvia's Kickin' Hot Hot Sauce on it. Love, - Sylvia.