McCormick Black Garlic Powder Seasoning, 3.12 oz

McCormick Black Garlic Powder Seasoning gives umami-rich flavor to everyday foods like steak and roasted potatoes. We mix black garlic, which is regular garlic that’s been aged for at least 90 days, with McCormick seasonings for a blend that brings delicious bold flavor to your table. This exciting twist on classic garlic starts with slow aging garlic bulbs until they turn black and develop a savory-sweet taste. We then blend the black garlic with salt, garlic, roasted garlic and cocoa powder. Swap this seasoning for regular garlic before, during and after cooking for a quick & easy way to add bold, garlicky taste. Sprinkle on salmon, chicken, burgers, beans or your favorite vegetables. Whisk into vinaigrette and drizzle over salad greens.