2 Carbs Per Slice. Just add water and oil, bake and enjoy! Also works in conventional ovens! Honey Wheat Bread on a low carb diet? Yes, it's true! With the creation of our amazing new flavored bread mix, you can enjoy the sweet, wholesome taste of real Honey Wheat Bread without the high carbs that conventional breads deliver. You'll never go back to traditional bread once you try our new mix. Each slice delivers a mere 2 carbs while packing a protein punch, plus 5 grams of healthy dietary fiber. Don't let the sweet taste of honey and brown sugar fool you. Our products contains no added sugar, only Splenda Brand Sweetener, the no carb sugar alternative that tastes like sugar but cannot raise your glucose or insulin levels and will not interfere with your healthy low carb eating plan. The Effective Carb Count is 2 grams Per Slice. Dietary Fiber may be subtracted as it is non-digestible and therefore cannot effect blood sugar or benign dietary ketosis. Sugars present in product are naturally occurring in the ingredients and are consumed by the yeast during the rising/baking process.