Ranch Style Pinto Beans, With Jalapeno Peppers 15 Oz

Ranch Style Pinto Beans With Jalapeno Peppers bring the bold taste of authentic southwestern cooking to your table. The famous Ranch Style pinto beans have jalapeno peppers added for a spicy kick of flavor. The jalapenos add just the right amount of bold and spicy flavor to already delicious canned pinto beans. Ranch Style beans are made with their own delicious blend of spices that can be paired with just about anything. Use the Ranch Style can of beans and peppers in your favorite recipes, such as soups, tacos and dips. They also make an easy and delicious side dish. You can prepare the canned beans in a saucepan on the stove top or in the microwave until hot. Try every tasty variety of Ranch Style products, including black beans, blackeye peas and more. Since 1935, for big, bold taste, there’s only been one place; Ranch Style.