Repone Electrolyte Solution, with Zinc, For Children & Adults, Strawberry

Pasteurized for your health. Ready to use. Compare Ingredients & Save: Ingredients: Dextrose: Suero Repone, Pedialyte (This product is not manufactured or distributed by Abbott Laboratories, distributor of Pedialyte.); Zinc: Suero Repone, Pedialyte; Potassium Citrate: Suero Repone, Pedialyte; Sodium Chloride: Suero Repone, Pedialyte; Sodium Citrate: Suero Repone, Pedialyte Provides (per liter): Sodium: Suero Repone (45 mEq), Pedialyte (45 mEq); Potassium: Suero Repone (20 mEq), Pedialyte (20 mEq); Chloride: Suero Repone (35 mEq), Pedialyte (35 mEq); Dextrose: Suero Repone (25 g), Pedialyte (25 g); Zinc: Suero Repone (7.8 mg), Pedialyte (7.8 mg); Calories: Suero Repone (100), Pedialyte (100).