Ocean Spray Growing Goodness Cranberry Cherry Orange Flavor Juice Beverage 8 ea

Cranberry, cherry and orange flavored juice beverage with 2 other juice from concentrate and other natural flavor. 1/2 the sugar of the leadings kids's juice (This product contains 9 g sugar per 6.75 fl oz serving compared to 20 g sugar in 6.75 fl oz serving of the leading kid's juice). No sugar added (Not a low calorie food - see Nutrition Facts for sugar and calorie content). Non-GMO (Does not contain genetically engineered ingredients). May help support immune health. Taste the goodness! A healthy immune system helps kids stay at their best, with boost of zinc and more vitamin C that a glass of OJ (This product contains 60% more of the DV for vitamin C (117 mg) per 6.75 fl oz compared to a 6.75 fl oz serving of orange juice (63 mg; based on the USDA food composition database)). Pasteurized. how2recycle.info. Ques/Comments: 1-800-662-3263.