Langers 100% Juice, Apple 101.4 Oz

100% pure apple juice from concentrate pressed from fresh whole apples. 100% USA grown. Gold: Superior taste. Langers. It's in the juice. Meet our Growers: The best tasting juices start with, well, the best fruit. Meet apple grower Borton & Sons. At Langers we could not make such great tasting juice without using the best fruit grown. That's why we want to introduce you to some of our wonderful growers - like Borton & Sons. For more than one hundred years the Borton family has been growing some of the juiciest apples in Washington. Established on just about 20 acres in 1912 by Byron S. Borton, the Borton family under the direction of third- and fourth- generation family members John Borton and his son Eric, his daughter and son-in-law Katie and Andy Birly along with Bill Borton and his son Byron produce more than 10,000,000 bushels of apples and other fruit across 6,000 acres in five Washington counties. Their orchards provide some of the most flavorful Honeycrisp, Fuji, Gala, and Granny Smith apples found anywhere in the country. Like Langers, Borton and Sons has always strived to develop their business in a sustainable manner with family at its core. We are proud to use their apples in our juices. No sugar, sweeteners or colors added. No preservatives. Very low sodium. GMO free. Gluten free. Our bottles are BPA free. Please recycle. Bottled in the USA.