Ocean Spray® Pact® Cranberry Pomegranate Cranberry Infused Water Beverage 16 fl. oz. Bottle

Cranberry extract infused water beverage with other natural flavors. Cranberry extract + purified water. Cleanse & purify better than water alone (PACs, found in cranberries, are not in water). The power of 50 cranberries. 10 calories per bottle. Go ahead, make a Pact. Cranberries are packed with PACS. PACS, or proanthocyanidins, are the powerful elements found deep inside cranberries. We've taken 80 mgs of PACs and combined them with purified water for a tasty way to help cleanse and purify your body every day. Purified water. PACs from the juice of 50 cranberries. Does not contain genetically engineered ingredients. Color straight from cranberries. Contains 80 mg of PACs per serving. Contains no juice. For questions or comments please call 1-800-662-3263, M-F 9 AM to 4 PM EST. Please have the entire package handy. PET bottle. Please recycle.