Grainfields Cereal, Corn Flakes

Oven toasted. Fat free, cholesterol free food, no sugar added, no salt added, no preservatives. Grainfield's Corn Flakes is the healthy, natural, nutritious way to start your day. We start with corn kernels, oven toast them, and add a touch of barley malt for natural sweetness. All the natural country flavor and goodness of corn in every spoonful. They're the perfect selection for your low sodium diet, with no added preservatives. Enjoy Grainfield's Corn Flakes for breakfast, snack or as an ingredient for your favorite recipes. For your healthy start breakfast, make the natural choice, Grainfield's Corn Flakes. They're delicious, fat free, contain very low sodium, and are 100% natural. (Not a sodium free or low calorie food.) No artificial ingredients. Grainfield's Corn Flakes contain 1g of sugar per serving which occurs naturally in the barley malt and cereal grains.