Got2B So Blonde Highlight Gel, Wanna Be Blonde

Mild peroxide highlight gel for that summer sun-kissed look - all year long. Chunk; Streak; Lighten. Just lighten up! Mild peroxide formula brings out your brighter side, permanently. Blondes get blonder, brunettes get bronzed all through the power or the sun, or instantly with a blow dryer. Specially designed applicator lets you lighten hair only where you want to, not where you don't. Streak it, chunk it for bold streaks or subtle strands - you decide, you're in control. Breakthrough wheat and soy protein complex penetrates and strengthens from within the hair shaft for long lasting, silky soft manageability. Recommended for blonde to medium brown hair. Not recommended for darker hair colors. For that natural sun kissed look. Easy to use. Gradually lightens hair while you have fun in the sun. FatBoy does not engage in animal testing.