Good To Go Premier Folding Travel Toothbrush 1 ea

Inspired by nature. 99% resistant to bacteria. Safe & sustainable. Lasts a lifetime. Folds into handle for travel. Our antimicrobial self sanitizing technology uses zinc, an essential trace element that is necessary in our daily diet. The surface becomes 99% bacteria free within 24 hours. All natural. Natural - Only a trace amount of food grade natural zinc. Biocompatible - An essential mineral in food, vital for our health. No: Leaching - It stays in the product, doesn't enter the environment. Chemicals - pesticides, silver or other harmful substances. Degradation - Our technology lasts the life of the product! This compact folding travel toothbrush folds and locks into the handle, allowing for protection and convenience. Folds out and locks into full size toothbrush. Constructed with ergonomic comfort soft grip rubber handle with soft bristles. Tr-fold design. Locks open & closed. Vented handle.