Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Boom Chocolatta, Core 1 pt

Ben & Jerry's Mocha & caramel ice cream pint with chocolate cookies, fudge flakes, and a crumbled chocolate cookie core. For moments when just a little chocolate won't do. Also, for those moments when a lot of chocolate isn't quite enough. OK, this is for when you need more chocolate than you think you can handle! Calling all cookie lovers-have we got the concoction for you! Not only is there a core of crushed chocolatey cookie in here, but it's surrounded by rich and creamy mocha and caramel ice cream...and we've thrown some more chunks of chocolatey cookie in there for good measure, too. Resistance is futile. No matter where you scoop, there's no end to the chocolate madness. And there's something particularly satisfying about all that creamy chocolate punctuated by cookie crunch. In fact, Boom Chocolatta! Packs so much punch that Ben & Jerry's cannot accept responsibility for the heightened level of chocolate euphoria reached with this flavor. If you really want to spoil yourself, add some of your own chocolate sauce on top! Homemade ice cream creations have never been better. The cocoa, coffee, sugar, and vanilla in Ben & Jerry's ice cream is all Fairtrade-certified. We wouldn't think of using anything but cage-free eggs and Non-GMO sourced ingredients in our Cores and frozen desserts. And the packaging for our ice cream pints is always responsibly sourced.