Halo Top Sorbet, Strawberry 1 pt

Halo Top Strawberry Fruit Sorbet lets you enjoy the fruity, sweet treat you love, without all of the sugar. Made with real, juicy, ripe strawberries, this non dairy fruit sorbet offers a simply refreshing taste that is full of flavor. Each pint has 260 calories and 54% less sugar compared to leading fruit sorbets for a frozen dessert that won't derail your path to wellness. Plus, Halo Top Fruit Sorbet is vegan, non dairy, gluten free and soy free, making it perfect for a variety of dietary needs. Enjoy a scoop of strawberry sorbet to reward yourself for completing goals or to treat your friends at your next get-together. If you're feeling creative, use this fruit sorbet to make a homemade strawberry fruit pop recipe for better-for-you desserts for busy nights. Halo Top Strawberry Fruit Sorbet comes in an easy to store, resealable package for easy storage in your freezer until you’re ready to enjoy a sweet treat that's light on sugar and big on flavor.