Eggo Waffles, Apple Cinnamon 10 ea

Wake up and greet the day with the feel-good taste of Eggo Apple Cinnamon Frozen Waffles. Includes one, 12.3-ounce box containing 10 waffles. Crafted with delicious ingredients and the taste of apples and cinnamon, our waffles are the perfect balance of crispy, fluffy goodness and crave-worthy flavor. Convenient and easy to prepare, Eggo Apple Cinnamon waffles bring warmth to busy mornings. Great for families and individuals; enjoy these tasty waffles are made to enjoy as a part of a balanced breakfast. Treat yourself to your favorite morning toppings like butter and syrup, jellies and preserves, peanut butter and hazelnut spreads, fresh fruit, and whipped cream. Eggo waffles are also great for dessert and party time. With a good source of Nine vitamins and minerals, these Eggo waffles are both delicious and nutritious. Go ahead and dive into the classic taste you know and love, baked with the comforting flavor of apples and cinnamon. Would you L'Eggo your Eggo?