Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaning Starter Kit, Clean Breeze Scent

Starter Kit: 3 dryer loads. Clean 10 garments for the cost of 1 drycleaning! Cleans with steam. No harsh chemicals! Instant stain remover pen. Reusable fabric protection bag protects against shrinking & fading! 3 dryer-activated Ultracleaning cloths cleans up to 12 garments! Dryel is a safe, convenient way to care for dry clean clothes, delicates and hand-washables such as woods, silks, rayons, linens, cottons and other special care fabrics. Safely Cares for: sweaters; dresses; blouses; slacks; suits; skirts; jackets; small blankets; scarves; pillows; vests; jeans. Dryel is not formulated for use on leather, velvet, suede or fur. Contents: Dryel instruction pamphlet/coupons; 1 reusable Dryel fabric protection bag; 1 Dryel stain remover pen; 3 Dryel Ultracleaning cloths. HE: high efficiency. Bag: Fabric made in USA; finished in Mexico. Other components made in USA and China.