Ball Park Park's Finest Smoky Beef Cheddar

Ball Park® Brand Park's Finest™ Smoky Cheddar Beef. New. Premier seasoned for bold flavor. Meat used is 100% beef premium. No artificial preservatives. No nitrates or nitrites added. Except for those naturally occurring in the celery juice powder. Uncured beef frankfurters. Natural smoke flavor added. Not preserved. U.S. Inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Premier seasoned for bold flavor. Naturally smoked. No by-products. No MSG added. No artificial flavors, color or fillers. Smoky cheddar: Welcome to Park's Finest™: a bold new taste experience. A new kind of hot dog with quality you can see, because it has been premier seasoned to give you that extra, bold flavor that will delight you and wow your guests. Enjoy our finest. Park's Finest™. Toll free 1-888-317-5867. ©2015 Tyson Foods, Inc.