Dannon Yogurt, Peach, Greek 4 ea

Looking for a delicious fat free yogurt with crave-able peach flavor? Give your taste buds a reason to rejoice with a four-pack of Dannon Light + Fit Peach Greek Fat Free Yogurt Cups. Every bite of this peach flavored yogurt makes it easy to enjoy fat free snacks with this delicious light yogurt brand.* At Light + Fit, our goal is to help you do you by serving up some delightfully creamy Greek yogurt with sensational flavor. Our fat free Greek yogurt comes in single-serve cups, so you can live your life uninterrupted and enjoy them on the go. With 80 calories and 12g of protein per 5.3 ounce serving, it’s a delicious, convenient option. Pack a cup and enjoy it as a snack cup at work or as a late-night snack. Or, you can add some to your breakfast parfaits and smoothies or use some in your favorite recipes as a flavorful substitute for baking ingredients. Plus, these peach flavored yogurt cups can transform into a bold, yummy whipped cream topping for desserts. Light + Fit's Empowering Women Artist Series features the work of Brazilian artist and illustrator Camila Rosa. Through this limited time packaging, we are amplifying the work and voice of a female artist who shares our beliefs and values. When we raise women up, everyone benefits. Learn more about our mission to empower women on our packaging. Add fierce flavor to your day, every day, with a single serving snack cup in this Dannon Light + Fit Peach Greek Fat Free Yogurt Pack. *At least 50% less fat than average flavored Greek yogurt; Light & Fit: 80 calories, 0g fat; Average flavored Greek yogurt: 110 calories, 1g fat per 5.3 oz serving. **Consult your Healthcare Professional to learn how Light & Fit Greek can be included as part of a balanced diet At Light + Fit, we believe that healthy living feels lighter when defined by what’s right for you. We commit to opening the door to a world of health where you are free to be who you are. With our wide selection of yogurts and protein smoothies, we make it easier to define healthy living with joyfully, fulfilling foods and experiences that are in tune with your unique body needs. Light + Fit nonfat yogurt and nonfat yogurt drinks are not only delicious, but also fit nicely into your wellness routine. Add Some Light to your day with Light + Fit!