Oikos Yogurt, Nonfat, Blended Greek, Vanilla 32 oz

Oikos Triple Zero Greek Nonfat Yogurt gives you all the flavor you seek in a Greek yogurt—but with 0 added sugar*, 0 artificial sweeteners, and 0 fat, plus plenty of protein per serving. Full of delicious vanilla flavor, this Greek nonfat yogurt makes a delicious snack any time of day. It also fits into a healthy lifestyle, providing important nutrients such as calcium, protein, and vitamin D. Oikos Triple Zero Greek Nonfat Yogurt makes a delicious ingredient in your favorite recipes, too: try adding it to baked goods, smoothies, breakfast parfaits, and more. And with an entire quart, there’s plenty to share with family and friends. *Not a low-calorie food. Discover yogurt and dairy products that are made for you with Oikos. Want the creamy one with the fruit chunks? We got you. Need 0 sugar, 0 artificial sweeteners, and 0 fat? Try Oikos Triple Zero. Looking for extra protein? Oikos Pro has 20g per serving. With our wide selection of creamy yogurts, you’re bound to find an epic food experience that sparks pure joy. Dig into deliciousness with Oikos.