Silk Soy Protein Beverage, Creamy Chocolate 59 Fl Oz

Plant-based. You work hard and you play hard. And when you need a protein boost, you need it now. With Silk Ultra, it's as easy as a pour to add fuel to smoothies, ramp up your afternoon or power up your coffee. Weekend warrior? More like every - day - of - the - week warrior. Game on. 20 grams of complete, plant - based protein per serving for muscle maintenance and repair. Calcium and vitamin D to support strong bones. Vitamins B2 and B12 to help your body turn food into energy. And with 1/2 the sugar of chocolate milk (Half the sugar of chocolate milk. Silk Ultra Chocolate plant - based protein beverage: 11 g sugar per cup; reduced fat chocolate milk: 23 g sugar per cup. USDA, ARS. Food Data Central, 2020), it's sip - straight - from - the - glass good. Really good. Go ahead, be ultra you. Danone: Proud member of The Danone Family. FSC - Mix. Rainforest Alliance certified packaging. Certified B Corporation.