Colavita Acino Pepe

Enriched macaroni product made with 100% semolina. Quality pasta since 1912. 8 min. In 1912 in the small town of Sant' Elia a Pianisi in Molise, Italy, Colavita Pasta was born. Surrounded by wheat fields, the people of Molise have always help an unwavering respect for farming traditions. In this same spirit, the Colavita Pasta family drew upon the resources of their homeland to produce their superb, local pasta, a favorite of the Molise people. And it is Colavita's commitment to this quality that gained the loyalty of Italian food lovers worldwide. Today, Colavita continues to honor its origin and commitment to ensuring the consistent fine quality of Colavita Pasta - the same today as in 1912. Quality Assured Firm ISO 9001. Tel. 1 (888) 265-2848. Made and packed in Italy by Industria Alimentare Colavita. Produced in Italy.