Buddhas Brew Kombucha, Peach Mint 16 Oz

Organic kombucha, peach & fresh peppermint. 19 billion live probiotics per bottle. Craft brewed with love from Austin TX. 19 billion probiotics per bottle. Powerful kombucha. Taste our tartness? It's delicious evidence of our organic beneficial acids. Authentic kombucha fermentation never watered down. Filtered or pasteurized. Buddha's Brew began as a Farmers' Market booth and grew into a microbrewery. Our home is Austin, TX where we are nestled alongside a greenbelt with gardens and a creek. Wildly delicious. A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity. - Buddha. Fresh. Raw. Alive. Our mission is to brew the most probiotically powerful kombucha on planet Earth & have a blast doing it. Find peace at the bottom of every bottle. Antioxidants. Enzymes. Probiotics. Polyphenols. Beneficial acids. Dairy free & gluten free. Remember to breathe deep. We use local & Texas ingredients or grow our own whenever possible. Facebook. Twitter. buddhasbrew.com.