Pepperidge Farm Jewish Rye & Pumpernickel Deli Swirl Bread

No high fructose corn syrup. Per 1 Slice: 80 calories; 0 g sat fat (0% DV); 200 mg sodium (9% DV); Less than 1 g total sugars. Enjoy the flavorful taste and enticing aroma of our Pepperidge Farm Rye breads. A delightful twist of traditional Rye and dark Pumpernickel, our Deli Swirl bread is a perfect balance of two delicious flavors in every bite. Whether it's for a sandwich, toast, or special meal, our Rye breads make every eating occasion specially tasty! Questions or comments? Contact us at 1-888-737-7374. The ingredients from soy and sugar in this product come from genetically modified crops. Learn more at