Sa Sliced Brioche Br

French recipe. Make your home smell like a Parisian bakery at sunrise. Golden, soft and just sweet enough, our brioche loaf is exactly what your French toast needs to go from mm - to ooh lala! At St. Pierre, we bake our soft and lightly sweet brioche using six centuries of French know-how (or savoir-faire) and a belief that every day should be magnifique! Our brioche is a mouth-watering treat that will raise all your favorite dishes to new heights. St Pierre Authentic French Bakery from the heart of France to your home. Bon Appetit! The brioche story. Brioche is the most elegant and indulgent of all French breads. Rich and sweet with a delicate soft texture, it has been enjoyed by the French since the 17th century. Suitable for vegetarians. Our sliced brioche loaf is truly scrumptious with your favorite jelly - simple yet delicious!