Bomb Pop Pops, Unicorn Wonder 12 ea

Experience the whimsical wonder of the mystical unicorn, now frozen and on a stick. Introducing Limited Edition Bomb Pop Unicorn Wonder Ice Pop! This enchanting mashup of pink lemonade, sweet berry and frosted cupcake flavors features charmingly fun colors, all on one stick. These frozen sweet treats are presented in the iconic Bomb Pop rocket shape, with the soft-bite texture you know and love. It's perfect as refreshing sweet snacks on a hot day or as a tasty reminder of summer fun. These ice pops are also a great frozen dessert after school, on the go or for a sweet pick-me-up anytime. With 12 individual snacks per box, it's easy to share this exciting flavor combination with family and friends! Plus, with 40 calories per ice pop, you can enjoy these frozen snacks easy indulengce often. Indulge in the mythical, magical, sweet refreshment of Unicorn Wonder while they are on the shelves. Three flavors. One stick. The best things are not one thing.