Blue Bunny Frozen Dairy Dessert, Chocolate, Soft 46 fl oz

Turn any ice cream lover into a big softie with Blue Bunny Soft Chocolate Frozen Dairy Dessert. Cold and creamy, this frozen chocolate treat is a new take on the soft serve experience you love, straight from your freezer. This frozen dessert is full of delicious chocolate flavor. Enjoy the frozen dessert by the spoonful, by the bowl or straight out of the container—the bunny doesn't judge. So swirl in some fudge. Top off with whipped cream. Bury your bowl with fresh berries. This new take on soft serve is fun to scoop and even more fun to eat. Why go out for chocolate ice cream when you can stay in? With this resealable tub, the soft serve experience has never been more convenient. However you enjoy frozen deliciousness, make life more fun with Blue Bunny.