Noble Vines Central Coast 515 Rose 750 ml

Collection. The legacy of the world's noblest vines is written in numbers. These numbers identify superior vine stocks that produce exceptional wines. Vine Select Rose: Behind these red numbers is a noble legacy. Prized by Kings and Queens for centuries, certain noble vines stocks have proven their excellence over time. Noble Vines takes the best of these vine stocks - identified today by number - and cultivates them in California. We make this rose from varieties traditionally grown in Provence, the source of France's iconic roses. These select vine stocks also thrive in the Mediterranean-like climate of our vineyards along California's Central Coast. We call it our 515 Rose because the enchanted hour of 5:15 pm is the perfect time to open a bottle. It's dry, crisp and bursting with mouthwatering flavors of raspberries, citrus and juicy strawberries. Family. Sustainability. Quality. Alc. 13.5% by vol. 27 Vinted and bottled by Noble Vines Manteca, California.