Black Box Pinot Noir, California, 2013 3 l

1 box = 4 - 750 ml bottles (3 liters). Enticing aromas of strawberry, cherry, and rose petal with complementary notes of toasty oak. Fresh berry and cocoa flavors lead to a delicate, lingering finish. Gold Medals: 40 Wine Enthusiast since 2004: 27 best buys. 13.0% Alc. by vol. 4 bottles of Award-Winning Wine in one elegant box. Stays fresh for four weeks after opening. 1/2 the carbon footprint of glass bottles. 40 gold medals. 27 Wine Enthusiast best buy awards. Award-winning Black Box Wines stand in the company of bottle wines that can cost up to twice as much. So raise a glass to exceptional quality and enjoy at considerable savings. Join us at 13.0% alc. by vol. Packed by Black Box Wines, Madera, CA.