Sauza Hacienda Gold Tequila 50 ml

Finely crafted at one of Jalisco's best-known distilleries, our Sauza Hacienda Gold takes tequila to a new level. It's sparkling gold in color and brings notes of sweet caramel and vanilla to the characteristic fresh blue agave flavor. Versatile enough to drink as a shot, it also makes the perfect secret ingredient in a cocktail. Mix with lime juice, orange juice, triple sec and agave nectar to create a Sauza citrus margarita to impress your friends.The soul of any tequila is in its agave flavor, and Sauza Hacienda Gold has plenty of it. The special extraction process helps keep the taste of the blue agave pure, fresh and crisp. After extraction, it's distilled twice in copper pot stills. This keeps the full agave flavor at the forefront. Finally, for this Gold edition, the spirit is aged in barrels to add its shimmering golden color and soft caramel flavor.As well as being at the forefront of tequila, Sauza has been a true champion of Mexican culture and its people since 1873. This is a distillery of "firsts". It was one of the first to put the name "tequila" on a bottle, and one of the first to export the spirit. Today, Sauza is proud to be a fresh take on tequila that everyone can enjoy, and welcomes everyone like they are part of the family. So, raise a glass to the three dons – Don Francisco Javier, Don Cenobio and Don Eladio – and celebrate the spirit of revolution and the spirit of connection